Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I hate slow internet... (and in other news, adsense payment came!)

anyway, before the last post I said stuff about the story of humans and how we came to be what were are now (sort of). Well now these next few posts will be talking about several things you, as humans in today's society, are doing wrong.

First off, sitting.

It turns out that there is something you need to do to remain healthy besides eating and excersizing - and that is to not sit for long, uninterrupted periods. It turns out that the human body was not designed to sit for so long which doesn't flow well in today's day and age between our homes and offices and our cars which takes us between our homes and offices.

Sitting greatly increases the rate of all-cause mortality, especially from causes including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity - and this does not go away even if you exercize.

Sitting cuts of circulation of blood in some parts of the body. Blood contains enzymes called lipase which breaks down fats.

Remember those postures guides you may have come across telling you the best way to sit while using a computer? Forget about those, sit how ever you want. Just don't do it for too long.

I've tried to deal with this, I stand up when using my computer. It's a laptop so I just prop it up with some boxes or thick books. For the more dedicated theres desks that can move up for when you're standing and move down for when you are sitting.

And after doing something like that for a while, you start to feel more energized and focused and alert. Back is less sore and you get a good posture. And seeing as standing takes more effort than just sitting down you will burn fat and lose weight.

And you know what? Sitting down after standing up for a while becomes soothing rather than painful due to a flat bottom.

Please note, your feet may start to hurt.


  1. Then how do Buddhist monks stay so healthy and thin? They sit all the time!

  2. very interesting post man! makes me wanna stand more xD

  3. I need to exercise more. Maybe now, that it's summer, I'll get out and walk around a lot more than i did in the winter.

    I suppose that's a good enough excuse

  4. This explains why our company removed coffeemachines and moved restrooms to basement.

  5. Sadly due to my job, I sit often, I just sorta contort my body to where I sometimes feel like I'm standing.

  6. screw that, i love sitting >.<

  7. I didn't know these things... but yeah, some times sitting is just inevitable

  8. that's very concerning seeing that i do work an office job. maybe it's time for a career change.

  9. What an informative post! I've learned much about sitting from you sir. I enjoy reading your blog

  10. Even the poison bottle didnt have so many scary graphics.
    Lot of useful info. Thanks man!