Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Today the world watched as two people got married in The Royal Wedding.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (born William Arthur Philip Louis on 21 June 1982)
Catherine Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor, Duchess of Cambridge (usually known as Kate)

They met each other at some university.

Kate cannot be called a princess because princesses are something that you are born in to - its not something you can gain by entering a marriage. Kate will never be a princess. sadfrog.jpg

Media Highlights. (mostly surrounding Kate because she is just gorgeous).
Kate arrives for her royal wedding to Prince William
Kate walks up the aisle on the arm of her father
Kate and William exchange wedding vows
the 'i do'
Kate and William share kiss on balcony,_Duke_of_Cambridge,_and_Kate_Middleton

This was a amazing event.
According to some sources 3 billion viewing all around the world - thats almost half the world population. Past large scale events like the recent natural disasters, 9/11, superbowl and other large events have gotten views in the hundreds of millions. The world all came together to see this event and experience it together.

Additionally about 1 million people travelled from all around the world to see this wedding event. That is incredible!

But some argue that this is nothing, its meaningless. Why in 2011 is there still a monarchy [in the first world]? Some call this a great relief from the terrible recent events while some call this a distraction from them. For example, the student protest in UK over tution fee hikes. Interestingly enough this event would have cost lots to put together and the taxpayers have to pay for this (although some argue that all the travellers comming in to watch could spend money in London so it won't be too bad.

And lest not forget most of this is just for show, many countries that have been ruled by the British (including New Zealand) have broken off and formed their own democratic governments now. Britian has nothing on them. It is interesting how much interest Americans have given this, especially since they fought hard to cut off from them - an event that is now celebrated as 'independence day'.


  1. I don't know to many people who actually gave a crap. Also, what the news media in America fascinates on doesn't necessarily reflect the views of the people.

  2. The monarchy easily bring in more money through tourism than is given to them on taxes. Also, the average taxpayer only gives like 65p a year to royalty, and this wedding may have only cost as much as 40p per taxpayer. In my opinion the tourism alone justifies their existence in today's world, even if they don't control things like they used to.

  3. I'm sorry, but it just doesn't matter that much to me, no one needed all the press coverage.

  4. Wait, wasn't Princess Grace married into the royal family? People still call her a princess :[

  5. great post, but I#m not a big fan of weddings

  6. I'm British and I hated every minute of it.

    F.Y.I - Duke William is no longer known as Prince William as it is a title reserved for direct aires to the throne and unmarried indirect aires.

  7. I thought there weren't any principalities free for them to be given one (along with the title prince and princess) hence the duchy of Cambridge?

  8. Watched it, it was alright. Those numbers are indeed scary though, didn't think that many people would watch it!

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  9. lol they get photo bombed in one of their pics xD