Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Maths is hard

and here's why! The numbers system we used are based on the Hindu-Arabic numerals [0123456789]. This was invented in India at around the year 500 (about 2000 years ago). We assigned meanings to these figures. These are given to us by society, but we've never really grew up with it - we didn't evolve to understand these figures and so its very hard for us to understand them.

It's hard to visualise numbers. You can see the figure but the value behind that can be much harder to imagine. We've never really evolved to do that.

You can imagine one penny, but what about 50 000?
You can imagine a $100 note, but what about $1 000 000 000 000 worth?

It's really hard to imagine the value of figures like these.

So if you're having trouble with maths, work harder. You need this in today's society.


  1. Omg. That's so much money.
    Just imagine owning it.

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  3. I have a friend who is my walking calculator. I ask him math and logic questions and he takes about 20 seconds to figure them out. I jelly~