Monday, January 31, 2011


Revenue from Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, boosted by the success of the Kinect sensor and associated Xbox 360 consoles, grew by 55 percent from a year ago.

I have to say Microsoft has been pretty awesome as of recently. Ever since windows 7 they've been doing stuff right. Working with the people who jailbroke their new phone, Microsoft Security Essentials, the Kinect, then not trying to shut down the open source drivers for it, Windows 7 as a whole. The list goes on.

Despite an industry-wide 8 percent drop in video-gaming sales last month, sales of Microsoft's Xbox 360 rose 37 percent year over year, according to new NPD Group numbers.


  1. i agree, iv been really happy with microsoft for a while now. i think they are trying to get on everyone's good side and trying to break the stereotypes. following

  2. I have to agree. Microsoft had a really rough time after releasing Vista, which was just awful in many ways. I'm glad they've actually learned from that and have pumped out a good OS.

  3. microsoft aren't doing too bad for themselves. they're rivaling sony in games and consoles and apple in computers.

  4. I must agree with you, good sir. Kinect was an awesome competition for the Wii. No controllers needed. The future is here.

    Following and supporting.

  5. sounds like microsoft would be a good stock to buy right now

    your friend,

  6. good to know. i really really hate mac, they are big brother

    Following and supporting
    like lesbians do greenpeace

    come get playa skills

  7. I like the kinect. Wouldn't buy one myself but that doesn't mean I can't mooch off my friends right?

  8. Microsoft has been doing very good things recently.

    Apple...not so much.

    I may be typing this from one of their computers, but that does not mean my love for them goes any further than the fact that they keep replacing my laptop out of a sense of duty.

  9. I wish Microsoft would let me cancel Xbox Gold online without having to call their hotline argh.

    I do want a Kinect though. Those things are fuuun!

  10. Still need Blu-Ray on the 360 and I'd buy one, I'll stick with my PS3 until then, even though I'm bored by the games for it...