Tuesday, January 25, 2011

why we cook

Every house has a kitchen and most of the foods we eat have been cooked. Why? What brought us to bring food to a heat source and afterwards eat it?

Cooking food allows us to absorb the nutrients in it more easily (though they can be destroyed in the cooking process). It kills germs, improves taste and makes it easier to digest. Cooked food also gives us more energy.

Grilling is man’s oldest cooking method and its discovery about 750,000 years ago helped our hominid ancestors evolve into the human beings we are today. Cooking is the secret to our evolution.

We have weak jaws, tiny teeth and small guts compared to other animals. Cooking helped us eat better.


  1. I always wondered how (not why) people got the idea of cooking.

  2. Lol yup fascinating stuff. We used our brains to compensate for our not-so-strong jaw and teeth!