Sunday, January 23, 2011


Musics gives life colour and musicals are a great example of that.

Other ones I enjoyed was 'the sound of music' (before seeing that I thought the von Trapp family was a vampire family). This takes place in Australia right before the Nazis take over. Also, Hairspray (set in America with black and white segregation).

Then there are also ones for kids including High School Musical (which appeals to little 12 year old girls - which is something that Disney has been doing).
There is also High School Musical: The tv series a/k/a Glee which takes a bunch of retarded and crippled people together where they sing songs other people have made and then they become popular!
Among these crippled people are: flamboyant gay kid, the shy Asian girl, the stupid cheerleaders, the skank with the heart of gold, the jocks, and the obese, sassy, neck-rolling, mouthy black girl. And these people really act out their stereotypes - but they do it while looking very pretty.

Goddamit at least HSM made their own songs.


  1. I love musicals; Grease is my favourite! :)

    Following and supporting!

  2. Thanks!

    Oh shit I haven't seen that yet! brb downloading