Wednesday, February 9, 2011

PS2, btw

Last post was fascinating so I think I'll add a little more on that. Technology has deskilled many professions so that we don't have to pay others for their expertise as much. For example I didn't have to pay anyone to get this site up and running. With things like Linux, Apache, Wordpress you can get your own site running too - using open source software you gain the benefits of a large number of programmers working on the code with out actually having to pay them for it.

"its already hit, tho i don't really believe that basic necessities will be provided for free, this has been happening in third world countries, and thus keeping them third world countries" - kal

I think you mistake this for something else, other third world countries as given free supplies to keep them dependent on the supporting company. Give a man a fish v teach a man to fish. Here people will be given the necessities for living for free because there are no or not enough jobs - they've all been deskilled, automated or made redundant. Though I do believe that with this free time we will have we can improve the livelihood of others.

But yeah it's great to see a lot of agreement on this and seeing the US and UK perspective on this.

they've gotten rid of electronic checkouts in some places here in the US, takes peoples jobs away. - James

This is a very interesting approach in order to delay the inevitable.

Not just the check outs but entire grocery stores will be made redundant after this takes off.

BTW do you know why RIAA and MPAA sue people so much over mere music and movies? It's because creativity is the last strong hold for the american economy. From this post (404'd google cache) it says 'Scarcity is what drives economics'. RIAA and MPAA are trying to enforce that scarcity. They want you to ignore the fact that this content can be pirated free over the internet.

If you'll bear with me on this I have just one more post to say on this matter.


  1. To bad the internet opens up so much more. The way things are now days it'd be hard for people not get free music. D:

  2. I think we just have to be adaptable. Jobs change. Some are no longer needed and others are created.

  3. haha Yeah, its funny how many people work for freee with open source programs, and self checkouts are bad imo

  4. Money will eventually become obsolete... just need to sort out unlimited energy

  5. Very true, things like wordpress and blogger make doing things without having much knowhow easy to do.

  6. that is right i agree all comments,support

  7. screw self check out. the economy is a strange beast.

  8. Scarcity is what drives economics, and when you have people distributing products for free it creates this huge supply which will drive prices lower, so it's in their best interests to keep their products scarce.

  9. Scarcity kinda reminds of diamonds. I remember on 60 minutes seeing diamonds all over the place in Africa, but they control the supply so the price always stay up.